Yo-ho-ho Seafight Pirates,

Shiver me timbers! Word has spread fast across the high seas at Seafight about the new features, and it's threatening to spoil our surprise! That’s why we’re going to put an end to these wild rumors, and let you in on our little secret now – without letting you know all too much.

Here’s a bit of background info:

In the past, we’ve all been stranded defenseless and had to be witness while one our fellow captains was blown to smithereens by scurvy pirates … and the only way you could help him was to send in the reinforcements and give him cover.

The cry for help often came too late to do any good, and you were forced to watch your fellow mate sink down into Davy Jones' Locker when you finally arrived at the scene of the battle. But to save this ship in dire straits at the very the last minute, we're going to introduce a new source of help for you so you can rescue your mates from the fate of the briny deep – all without you having to fire directly on the attacking opponent.

This new feature is specifically designed for those players who are half pirate, half Mother Teresa. They can keep their fellow swashbucklers from going under on the high seas. This exchange of help is limited to the rescuer and the rescuee.

In other words: This new feature is not a must for you to survive in battle! It's only designed to provide more thrilling fun and excitement for teams. Sometimes it's just nice to be able to throw someone a lifesaver and prevent them from drowning.

Our goal: We want to keep Seafight exciting for all those who like to play in a group atmosphere and are always ready to lend a helping hand to their mates.
Get ready for a big surprise, pirates! We're working our buns off to get this feature online so that you can test it!

Your Seafight Team

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